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This is just plain fun. Dress up the celing, floor and walls with faux artwork...






Problem: Unattractive large windows

Solution: Window panes for under $30

This is one of my most favorite DIY projects ever!

The results are amazing. The total cost is less than $30.

Problem: I was bothered by the large open windows.

Too much view. Too much sky.

And I could not wait to pitch the ugly mini-blinds.

Solution: Create fake window panes.

Supplies needed:






Use razor blade to scrape off glue that gets on the glass...




Problem: Sitting at my desk all day.

Solution: Make a standing desk without spending a penny.

The standing desk that I made may not be the prettiest to look at. But I have to tell you... it's changing my life. No more sitting for hours and I am also snacking less!! I used crates, boxes, and shelving that I had on hand.





Problem: Opening and closing doors can be difficult for someone who uses a cane or motor scooter.

Solution:  Open passages are safer and easier to negotiate. Instead of hanging the door from hinges, install a "Barn Door" hanging system allowing you to keep the door open for most of the day, and close when needed. Doors easily slide open and shut.

                           Before                                                                      After                                  




Problem:  Decorating on a limited buget.

Solution:  Adding fabric to the wall is an inexpensive way to enhance a room. Best of all... the fabric removes easily with no wall damage (and reuse the fabric for something else.)

1. Measure wall  2. Buy fabric  3. Buy liquid starch  4. Dip fabric in starch, and wring out. 5. Hang fabric and work out the wrinkles with plastic smoother blade. Let dry. Voila!

Buy liquid starch. Buy plastic smoother blade. Keep plenty of rags on hand.Cover floors with plastic to protect from drips.    Work fabric onto wall.Use smoother blade to get rid of access starch and wrinkles.Match fabric strips.  



Problem:  Drab-looking wood cabinets

Solution: Add first layer of paint. Let dry. Add second color of paint over first color. Let dry. Use sandpaper to give it a distressed look. Add pretty knobs. Finish with satin protector.

Bonnie the master distresser   Original oak cabinets.    Lightly sandpaper to reach bottom paint color.

  add colorfull and fun knobs   Finish with satin protector      Enjoy!


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Problem:  Decorating on a limited buget.

Solution:  Use what you already own to redecorate. In this case I was storing old shutters in the basement. I put three of the shutters together to make a headboard, painted them a bright happy color. I bought two lamp shades at the Dollar Store (the hooks were part of the fixture) and I covered the shade with fabric and ribbon border. Hooked up the lights to the shutter and there you have it! Easy.



Are you in love with a piece of fabric or leather?

A close friend of mine gave me a gorgeous swatch of leather for my birthday. It used to be the back of a leather jacket. I instantly fell in love with the design - a peacock. My friend suggested that I make a pillow or wall hanging out of it. I had other plans. I sewed the leather directly onto one of the cushions on my sofa. It was the perfect solution.

Take a peek...





I love chicken wire.

I added chicken wire to the back of an open bookcase. The chicken wire adds character to an otherwise drab looking bookcase and it prevents items from falling out the back.





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